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Welcome to the website of four companies -- SWIS, AGS, Canlines and AAA Industrial Chromium Company -- co-located in a 40,000-square-foot manufacturing site. [see overview of Companies]. With 50+ employees, 70+ machines and 9+ plating tanks, our combined resources serve 700+ customers across a wide range of industries in the Southwest; Canlines products are used by companies around the world to cut costs and boost production.

In 2008, we added a new facility that greatly expands our customer support capability. To provide low-cost manufacture of small, tight-tolerance parts, in large quantities, we acquired new, automated Swiss-type machinery. We now mass produce products from automatic bar-fed stock (bar sizes up to 1 1/4" diameter). For customers with large part needs, we have increased the capacity of our vertical machining centers to work jobs weighing over 2 tons on table capabilities of 40" x 80".

Our comprehensive in-house capabilities make us one of the few one-stop shops anywhere that can turnkey your blueprint into a finished product [see our Equipment & Services page]. Raw materials can quickly be processed through our Blanchard grind department then on to computer-controlled vertical or horizontal finish machining. Deep-holed parts might sidestep to our gun drill. Turned parts pass through lathe/turning center department. Tight-tolerance diameters are finished on CNC grinder, while boring or honing equipment handles critical inside diameters.

For AGS Approved Vendor Flow-Down Requirements click here.

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